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Notable Figures

Monarch Heika Denophilius
Fleet Admiral Stern Brocade
Admiral Basil Candiru
Admiral Surgeon Low
Admiral Ultimesra Azazel
Admiral Zeo Miasmoras
Marshal Hirudin Thatch
Inspector General Majutsushi Nari
Royal Guard Captain Arajin Torai
Head Warden Ryker Zolus
Prosecutor Morley Drackon


Native Race

Kratonians have a distinct merman/fishman-shellfish type appearance. Their skin is more textured than humans, and it has a pink-grey skin colour. All Kratonians have shell-like material on their bodies, such serve as armour. Elder male Kratonians often grow large shells over their tails, adorning them the term "Hermits". It is rare for younger males to do this. All Kratonians have cyan-coloured eyes. Their hair can be coloured white, grey or black.