The Shadowlands are a mysterious region deep within the Great Unknown.



Dark Tribe

Quendam Tribesmen

Spartoi Warlords

The Spartoi Warlords are the descendants of the Spartoi who managed to survive the fall of their kind on Sabaria and the Isle of Daahsan. They, unlike some of the Quendam, are supportive of the Dark Tribe.

Native Race

The Dark Tribe do not have a species of their own, due to being collectives of other species.

One of the native species of the Shadowlands are known as the Quendam, which closely resemble oni; bearing horns, fangs, black hair and dark red or brown skin. Some members of the species are unusually tall compared to humans. The Quendam occupied these lands after facing defeat from the Runisians thousands of years ago.

The Spartoi that occupy part of the Shadowlands are living counterparts to their deceased relatives on Sabaria and the Isle of Dahsaan. They closely resemble their Herrehallian cousins.